private investor guide

Generally, our Private Investors net

  • 8% on residential SFR loans
  • 9% on residential condominium loans
  • 10% on new construction and vacant land loans

Monthly payments to Private Investors

Loan Servicing Advances

Lender Representations + Warranties

Loan Servicing Administration

safeguard to private investors
  • Recorded First Lien Mortgages
  • Ownership of Mortgage Loan vested in Private Investor
  • Appraisal Report
  • Loan Title Insurance Policy
  • Hazard Insurance Policy
  • Legal Opinion of Counsel
  • Established Loan Underwriting Guidelines
lender representations + warranties

Written Loan Servicing Agreement

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Investor Reports + Statements

Loan Servicing Advances

Loan Workout Administration

End-of-Year IRS 1099 Reporting Reports

Non-Performing Loan + Foreclosure Management