foreign national loans

Brickell Capital offers mortgage loans to foreigners (non-resident aliens) purchasing (or cashing out)

primary and secondary homes
residential investment properties
commercial properties

We offer investors, developers and foreign nationals:
Purchases … Up to 75% LTV
Cash Out … Up to 70% LTV
Loan Size … $200k to $25m

YES ... we are lending to

Venezuelans | Argentinians | Ecuadoreans

Our loan guidelines are flexible and our documentation requirements are simple.

We guide you through the loan application, credit approval process and closing.

private "hard-equity" bridge loans

Brickell Capital is a licensed Florida private capital bridge lender.   We originate and service “business purpose loans” secured by residential and commercial investment properties.

We offer investors, developers and foreign nationals:

purchase loans
cash-out loans
land loans
new project development loans
construction loans
mini-perm loans
takeout loans